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Tapping  Script-I did a stupid thing and its okay!


Set up

KC Even though I did a stupid thing, its okay and I accept and love myself completely.


KC Even though it was stupid what I did and a part of me is really mad at me for doing it, I'm open to accepting that its done and forgiving myself now.


KC Even though I wish I didn't do that, its okay and I'm accepting all the feelings that are coming up and I'm tapping on it now.


Now tapping thru the points:


EB I did a stupid thing

SE I wish I hadn't done it.

UE OOPs I messed up.

UN Should have would have could have.

CH Why did I do that?

CB I wish I could erase it.

UA I really goofed.

LP I'm so mad at myself.  I don't know if I can forgive myself.

WR I shouldn't have done it.

H Oh what was I thinking?


Now take a pause and breathe Maybe sip some water.

Second Round:


KC Even though I really wish I didn't do it , the truth is there is nothing I can do about it so I mine as well let go now.


KC Even though its a done deal and it was stupid, I'm open to forgiving myself and moving on now.


KC Even though this regret is big, I love and accept me and I can learn from this experience.


EB I'm open to accepting me

SE I didn't mean for this to happen

UE What can I learn from this?

UN Just because I did a stupid thing doesn't mean I'm stupid

CH I just did a stupid thing.

UA I was unconcious I doing it, so I forgive myself.

LP I'm learning from this experience and letting go of my anger towards myself.

WR I'm ready to let go of calling myself stupid.  I just did a stupid thing and its okay.

H That was then and this is now.  I'm ready to move on.


Inner Mean Kid:

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