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Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Rickie Beckwith.  To listen To Rickie's testimony about my work, click here:

 Teacher & Parent Toolbox for Success Testimonies:

Shakti, I cannot thank you enough.  Its one thing to feel like I'm on the end of the Universe in Australia and feeling quite alone.  You have reminded me that I have something very very precious to share.  I can't work here, yet I can volunteer.  You've given me an entry to do EFT with the children here.  And the written word is not enough when I look at my notes, yet hearing you and feeling your genuine care has been amazing.  Thank you.

Barbara Young
Australia 10/10

I got a lot out of Shakti Martin’s Teleseminar for Teachers on Brain Gym and EFT. My interest in taking the course was to understand how she presented the information, as I want to teach teachers to use EFT for themselves and their students as stress management in schools.

Her teleseminar ended up being very useful and informative for me. Shatki’s cadence and relaxed pacing in her delivery of the information was very effective. Her ability to introduce and explain the concept of energy work in an educational setting was stellar and really helped me in shaping an effective approach for myself to use in my own presentation work with educators. I so appreciate the devotion, attention to excellence, and spirit of sharing that Shakti brings to her work in coaching us to bring these valuable life /learning enhancing tools to teachers and their precious charges, our children.

Shawn Socia

Boise, Idaho

From Client Sessions:

Wow! I don’t totally understand how EFT works.  However, I respond very well to the sessions.  I had excruciating back pain that was debilitating to me.  After only one session I was better and within two days I was running errands.  I was able to return to my schedule within days and I’m very grateful to have these sessions on a monthly basis.




Recently I decided to get some therapy, to get help making changes I knew were necessary for full living but that I was unable to make on my own.  Very soon after, I  serendipitously received a call from my friend, Shakti.  She wanted to begin her practice of EFT, and was offering me a free session.  A tad anxious about this type of therapy, unknown to me and my scientific training, I said yes as I trusted Shakti.  Over the next 6 weeks I experienced a progress in my emotional life as well as a cognizant understanding of it that was rapid, deep and enduring and which was confirmed by my conventional therapist.  Shakti has been able to use her techniques of letting the body lead in untangling old, cumbersome, blocking loops of thought, belief and emotion that have hampered and harmed me for years -- taking them layer by layer as led by the body-knowledge, untangling one before another hinging upon it is approached.  I have been surprised at the speed of Shakti’s techniques and approach in this untangling and the powerful release of negative throught/belief patterns achieved.  Along with this has come the entry of positive, serene thought patterns and a true change in my long term negative behaviors:  self-shame, self-belittling and a strong inclination to rage.  With such long-term negative thought patterns either cleared or lessened enough to tame with awareness, I am beginning to approach my life without the constant inside negative voice that has made me believe that “I can’t.”  I know now that “I can”, that to try is my choice, and that the consequences, good and bad, I can handle without losing my internal balance and self-esteem.


Andrea Rosanoff, Ph.D.





Not only do I recommend Shakti’s work with EFT but also Shakti as a practitioner.I particularly appreciate her sensitivity and intuition, her compassion, her trust in the process, her deep connection with me as a client, her humour and her focus.  In the midst of my confusion, she always finds a way.


We worked through so many diverse issues that brought either healings or changes in my life. It is teaching me to have compassion towards myself and to disidentify myself from my issues. 

Here are some examples:


I had a swollen, inflammed jaw joint for 10 days acute enough that I couldn’t hear nor even sleep on that side and within one and half hour after tapping with Shakti, it was gone for good.


I was afraid to swim in the ocean because of an earlier scary experience.  Since that EFT session with Shakti, I can now swim alone in big waves and have a lot of pleasure.


I have had results with Shakti in clearing physical pain, emotional traumas from the past, changing unwanted  behaviors, inadequate ways of thinking and replacing them with new ways of thinking and interpreting situations which are more beneficial to me.  I now have more choices and freedom in my responses to life’s challenges and best of all I have a tool to use on my own whenever something comes up!


Carmen Sylvestre

Montreal, Quebec

August 2007




When I first decided to do an EFT session with Shakti, I was skeptical and didn't expect much.  I was in a very transitional period, and had a lot of past pain coming up. I was willing to try almost anything.  The simple process quickly bypassed my skeptical mind, and seemed to hone right in to where the emotional pain was stored in my body, and release both the emotion and the long forgotten stories they were connected to.  My next session, immediately took me to a deeper layer, again, in a way that completely bypassed my conscious intention and resistance.  I have noticed in the time since this deep and profound experiences, I have felt less and less connected to and controlled by old stories of my past and deep fears related to them.

Kaylinn Jensen (“Briah”)
Puna, HI

I was diagnosed with a life-threatening lipo-sarcoma tumor (rare form of cancer) in my thigh in 2001. I chose to do alternative because of the risks of surgery with the possible paralysis & loss of use of my leg. In 2007, I started receiving inner guidance that surgery was the best solution. I had a successful surgery with a sarcoma specialist at
Stanford Medical Center in California. Unfortunately, metastasis to the lungs were found & I was advised by my oncologist that Chemo Therapy was my next step in my journey to wellness in the allopathic/Western modality of medicine as I was now calling my healing process.

I am a holistic health educator & Chemo had been the treatment I feared the most because of all the negative reports I had read about. I became terrified of the process & yet, apparently had no other options that I could come up with. I had been using Emotional Freedom Technique for some time now & I thought receiving a session from Shakti would resolve my fears. Her session was beyond what I thought possible.

The clinical trials of the Chemo drug recommended to me had said that only 20% patients received a 50% reduction in their tumors. She started out by having me release all my fears of taking the drug & programmed into our session that I would have a 100% reduction of the tumors in my lungs. I taped our session & listened to it whenever any fear would come up for me about my treatment.  Every time I would take the drugs, I would say & believe “these drugs are shrinking my tumors”! I religiously took them for 6 weeks, I threw-up the first morning only, didn’t loose my hair & my nausea went away. After completion, I had a chest x-ray & the tumors were 80% reduced. I was ecstatic.

I was supposed to start round 2 of Chemo to reduce the rest of the tumors & I got a severe cough for 1 month followed by 2 rounds of flu with fevers the next month.

I decided to have another chest X-Ray as 3 months had elapsed hoping for a miracle. The report came back saying that my chest, heart & lungs were all unremarkable & my Chest was Normal!

I am convinced that Shakti’s session was the catalyst for my remarkable recovery of healthy lungs. I also did acupuncture & herbs, ate organic food & juices & listened to healing tapes every morning. However, because I am an emotionally directed person, I know that Shakti’s session was the most important healing technique that I used to heal myself. Mahalo Shakti!

Raydiant Victory Grace
Puna, Hawaii
May 2008




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