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Listen to Shakti's Stress Busting Tips below:


Stress Busting Tip 1: The Hook up

Step 1:

I invite you to think about your number 1 stress producing experience, thought, or person in your life.  Become aware of how the stress feels in your body.  Maybe you feel tense in your belly or throat.  Just notice what the stress feels like and where it is.


Next-cross one ankle over the other.  Then bring one wrist over the other in front of you with your palms facing down. Clasp your fingers together.  Bring your hands down and into your body. You’re now in the first part of the hook-up.  I invite you to close your eyes for a moment and keep your tongue touching the roof of your mouth.  You can stay in this first part for about 30 seconds or as long as you like.

 Step 2:

Open your eyes and uncross your feet placing them on the ground.  Bring your finger tips together and gently look down at your finger tips for another 20-30 seconds to complete the hook up.  You can think about your original stress and see if your perception of it has changed.

The Hook Up generally helps you feel more calm, grounded, positive, and focused!

You can also do the Hook Up standing up like in this picture.

It becomes more of a balancing act especially when you close your eyes.  Its great to take a break during your day when you need to bust some stress.

Or you can do the hook-up lying down on the floor, sofa, or bed.  It's a great option when you wake up in the morning and don't want to get out of bed or you're just feeling a little yucky.  It's also a nice way to slow down and calm yourself before you go to sleep.
Stress Busting Tip 2:  Positive Points

Perhaps you’re still feeling some of the affects of your original stress or maybe you have a new one surfacing.  We actually have points on our body that are stress busting points, soothing points, or actual acupressure points.  Two of these are located in the middle of your forehead just above your eyebrows and are called Positive Points. Perhaps you remember as a child your mother or caregiver may have held your forehead when you were sick.  You can hold these positive points or emotional stress release points with your peace fingers  lightly while closing your eyes and tuning into your stress.  A slight pulse can often be felt at these points.  After you feel them on both sides then you can hold for about 20 sec. more and up to ten minutes depending on the severity of your problem.  Holding your positive points also helps your temporary memory blocks, improves public speaking and oral reading, and helps for study and memorization skills. 

In addition to doing it to yourself, you can also have someone hold your positive points for you.  You can even add it to the hook up by standing behind your loved one holding your peace fingers on their positive points while they are in the hook up. I especially love to have my husband or children hold mine.  Kids love to help you and it’s a great way to enlist your family in helping you to bust your stress so you don’t take it out on them

Stress Busting Tip #3: Collarbone Tapping

These are my favorite tapping points right below your collarbone which can be activated when you are experiencing stress.  These points are called K27 points in massage .  In Brain Gym, we call them Brain Buttons. To find the points go to your collarbone or below where a man wears a tie and go down an inch and out an inch and you’ll feel an indentation.    You can tap lightly on them while thinking about your stressor or you can say some things out loud.  You can tap lightly on these points while venting stream of consciousness.

This is what it looks like and its pretty natural so you can do this silently or outloud depending on your situation.

I encourage you to use these stress busting tools whether it’s the hook up, holding your or someone else’s positive points or tapping on your Collarbone points.

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