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Tapping into Miracles-Inspired Coaching Program!!!!!!!!!!!

This inspired coaching group takes place in the convenience of your own home. 

You'll receive 7 audio recordings of Tapping into Miracles which take you thru the 7 chakras.  You'll be able to clear the vows/limiting beliefs you have been storing at each chakra.  And as you clear and clean your body of these old beliefs, you'll be creating new pathways for miracles to unfold!!!!!!!

The truth is that we are living in either a memory or inspiration.  We'll learn how to release the memories so that we can step into the now-where miracles & inspiration live!

Here's what recent participants of the Tapping into Miracles 7 week class have reported:

"It gave me a better understanding of the tapping system and how to use it."

"Taking this class brought my attention back to the tools of manifesting, thus helping me to have a clearer focus on what I want to bring into my life.""

"It was extremely useful."

"I benefited from the routine -more like Ritual- of attending class every week. I learned a lot about setting intentions properly, and my beliefs about miracles changed for the better. Also, I discovered that I Love EFT and it greatly helped my personal growth/evolution process."

"Shakti, buying your series of recordings was THE best investment I could make, they are amazing!  I can't wait until the coaching program begins!"

If you have any questions about this coaching program and whether its a fit for you, call Shakti at 808-965-8421 or email her at

Audio Program Only: $133
Recordings of 7 classes in mp3 or mp4 form.

Audios & Inspired Coaching Price  $666
Recording of 7 classes in mp3 or mp4 form and 7 live coaching sessions which will be recorded for review.


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