Integrated Energy Balancing
Releasing Blocks to Success!

7 Week Series:  Chakra Tapping for Pregnant Women

Holiday Special Includes Introductory Call, Chakra 1, Chakra 2, and Chakra 3 Tapping Classes all for $30
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Chakra 1:
Learn to clear birth issues, survival patterns and create a strong foundation- get grounded!
Releasing fear, survival, scarcity, hating your body, and feeling not good enough.
Affirming: I am safe and secure!  I have a body!

Chakra 2:
Learn to heal relationship issues around power, sex, and control.
Releasing distrust, guilt, fear of being vulnerable.
Affirming: I am feeling all that is inside of me and I am able to express my needs and desires.  I have needs and feelings!

Chakra 3:
Learn to heal your relationship with yourself, personal power, self-esteem,
freedom from shame, self-worth, and self-image.
Releasing the victim within, anxiety, and pain.
I am powerful.

Chakra 4:
Learn forgiveness, compassion, self-acceptance and gratitude as you learn to give and receive from your heart.
Releasing hurts, pains, and guardedness.
Affirmng: I am opening my heart to forgiveness and to receive the love that is here now.

Chakra 5:
Learn to speak your truth, listen and be heard.
Release fears of speaking up.
Affirming: I am communicating my truth.

Chakra 6:
Learn to use and trust  your intuition and self-reflection.
Release feelings of disconnection and that others know something you don't.
Affirming: I see clearly and am in tune with my inner guidance.

Chakra 7:
Learn to connect with your higher power & divine guidance.
Release doubts and feelings of unworthiness.
Affirming: I am connected to the infinite/divine blessings.

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