Integrated Energy Balancing
Releasing Blocks to Success!
Tapping into Wealth!
Change Your Money Vibe!

Chakra Tapping-Find the Star Within!

7 Week Teleclass Audio Series with Shakti

It's  not too late for you to jump on board.
You can receive all the recordings and listen at your own pace.

Want to have a breakthrough?

Do you want to bust some of your  limiting beliefs that are holding you back?

Are you ready to get clear so that you are UNSTOPPABLE?

We're exploring, tapping, and raising our vibration in each chakra center allowing for you to unleash your potential to reach your goal whether its in your finances, relationships, or health.

 Recordings are now available to listen to when ever you want!

This work is primarily inspired by the teachings of Margaret Lynch and Rhys Thomas. Here are some of the negative and limiting vows we'll be clearing:
Chakra 1~ the vow to be loyal to, or rebel against, your earliest money paradigm
Chakra 2~ the vow to limit your deepest desires
Chakra 3~ the vow to be invisible, appropriate, or who others want you to be
Chakra 4~ the vow to be critical and perfect
Chakra 5~ the vow speak the truth of your limitation, to give voice to all your other negative vows instead of your Heart Truth
Chakra 6~ the vow to manifest and embody limitation
Chakra 7~ the vow to experience the Divine as Limited

 This work has helped me bust thru so many limiting beliefs and I know it can do the same for you.

So if you're ready to make a change in your life-treat yourself to this series.  Its an investment in yourself that you deserve.

I know the Star in you is just waiting to come out.  Take the plunge.

Audio Program Only: $133
Recordings of 7 classes in mp3 or mp4 form


Audios & Inspired Coaching Price  $666

Recording of 7 classes in mp3 or mp4 form and 7 live coaching sessions which will be recorded for review.Friday

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