Integrated Energy Balancing
Releasing Blocks to Success!

Structure of a Session:  While I have a specific format I use in working with my clients,  every session is unique because everybody and every body is different.  I am following the cues from the client’s body.  At times, muscle testing or Kinesiology is used as a tool to guide us in this journey.  Our intuition is also an essential player.


 Each session begins with PACE- 4 simple exercises to help us get on the “same page” together. This is a time that helps us get present and grounded.


Goal or Intention Setting-We spend time creating the best goal for your session.  Sometimes goals are very specific such as releasing pain from a headache or body injury.

A goal can also be more general encompassing many realms of one’s life such as creating more fluidity in daily life activities and relationships. Perhaps one’s goal is focused on creating prosperity or abundance.  We find the best goal for the session-one that is positive, active, clear, and energetic –PACE.


Pre-tests: Involves measuring where your body is in relation to the goal-how it feels about the goal.  Sometimes this is done with an action, a visualization, or an affirmation  and then noticing one’s energy level. A numerical value is also given for this energy level so we can measure where you are before the balancing.



 In the balance, I follow your body’s priority system and work in 4 different possible realms:  Physical/Structural, Personal Ecology, Emotional, & Accupressure.  In these realms, we may use Brain Gym exercises, body work Reiki, Hypnotherapy, EFT, the Tara Process ,  and education on diet, exercise, communication and life style choices. Sometimes we stay in a realm for an entire session while in other sessions we may flow from one realm to another before the body is complete.


Post-test: We go back to the original goal and check in on the numeric values and action movements to see where the energy level is.


Teach Tools to Take Home-PACE, Brain Gym exercises and EFT.

Home Play-Specific exercises to do at home usually from Brain Gym or EFT.



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